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Ecatenate  Ecatenate creates simple software solutions to help businesses solve problems and grasp new opportunities.
Ellipse  Ellipse is a distributor of electronic security products and services throughout the UK and Ireland.
Files Unerase  Data recovery software unerase files photo undelete hard disk iPod usb drive unformat digital camera pictures rescue inaccessible undetected partition restore recover deleted backup windows XP Vista 2000 2003 laptop...
FingerSec Biometric Security  FingerSec Corp. has over four years of experience designing and developing fingerprint identification systems for a variety of applications.
FSD-Lock FSD-Lock provides two ways of unlocking: either Fingerprint or Code
FSD-Lock The FS-DLock can be opened with the touch of a user's fingertip without any risk of it being stolen or copied like cards or keys can.
FIRST.Org  FIRST is the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams.
Free Haven Project  The Free Haven Project aims to deploy a system for distributed, anonymous, persistent data storage which is robust against attempts by powerful adversaries to find and destroy any stored data.
FrSIRT  FrSIRT is an Internet security research organization providing real-time alerting services.
FSS  Software Developer and Systems Design incorporating biometric identification management for point of sale, authentication, verification, membership and age sensitive solutions
FSS POSitive ID FSS POSitive ID System 3 offers a simple four-tiered software solution for the school cafeteria point-of-sale lunch program.
FullArmor  FullArmor Corporation is a Group Policy management software provider and delivers innovative solutions that extend the native capabilities of Microsoft`s Group Policy infrastructure.
Futronic Technology Co. Ltd.  Futronic is a HK-based company focused on Biometric technology and solutions.
FS21M Fin`Lock - Fingerprint Access Control System With high resolution optical system & latest biometric technology, Futronic Fin`Lock FS21M Fingerprint Access Control System provides enterprises a secured...
FS80 USB2.0 Fingerprint Scanner Futronic`s FS80 USB2.0 Fingerprint Scanner uses advanced CMOS sensor technology and precise optical system to deliver high quality fingerprint image.
GAO RFID Inc  GAO RFID Inc., a member of GAO Group, was spun out from GAO Tek (formerly GAO Engineering) in July, 2006 as a result of its fast growing RFID business and its further heavy investment in this exciting market. GAO RFID has...
GAO RFID Position Marker Series The RFID Position Marker series are used to determine exact locations of long-range, semi-passive RFID tags (GAO 137003, GAO 137004).
GAO Tek Inc.  GAO Tek Inc. is a leading provider of test and measurement equipment, embedded development tools, telecommunication testers, electronic measurement instruments, video surveillance, alarm and other electronic products that...
A new GAO5854 E1 Datacom Tester. GAO Tek Inc. has released a new GAO5854 E1 / Datacom Tester.
TI DSP Evaluation Board GAO Tek Inc. has upgraded its TI Evaluation board. The newly developed board, GAO 2812EVM-II, is specially optimized for driving motors and control systems...
GreenBorder  GreenBorder offers an enterprise-class security solution to protect PCs and corporate networks from being compromised by various forms of known and unknown malicious attacks, without requiring detection of the attack.
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Biometric Software Research Library

The Crypto-Sign System
Transaction Security, Inc
The Crypto-Sign Solution Crypto-Sign offers a new approach to electronic signatures to enhance the security of remote, web-based and wireless transactions and to generate significant economic savings. It is a patent-pending technology which combines the benefits of the PIN /Password with those of electronic signature verification to utilize the benefits of, and eliminate the disadvantages of both ...
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